Tint your windows and keep out the heat

Homes with large glass windows are elegant and dressed with drapes they look even better. We all love to live in a home with an abundance of light and large indoor spaces. Building homes like this, whilst being aesthetically lovely to behold has it’s disadvantages.

With light filtering through the windows into your home it would also bring along harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the Sun, solar heat and glare. It is imperative that we keep these away from our homes as it could result in long time damage to our skin, damage our furniture and accessories by discoloration and increase our energy consumption.

Home window tinting Perth with our very effective Sun control film can reduce glare and solar heat diffusing through the windows of your home by more than 80%. It would also keep away harmful UV rays, reducing it by more than 93%. This would give you a very comfortable environment, within your home.

With Home window tinting Perth Sun control film, the efficiency of your air-conditioning would increase. Reducing the glare, heat and UV rays inside your home, the air-conditioner would need to cool a bearable volume of hot air inside. This air will be hot and humid, no doubt but not as same as the temperature it would be without tinted windows. Without tinted windows the indoor temperature would be only be a bit lower than the ambient temperature outside.

The same principal would be relevant to your office too. If your office is housed in an area with large windows, without tinting your energy bills would soar. Using tried and tested Office window tinting Perth Sun control film, you could give your staff a better working environment.

You could increase productivity and bring additional turnover and profits. Office window tinting Perth has completed some very prestigious projects in and around Perth. We have committed ourselves to provide the best service.

Climbing into our cars after it has been left outside in the sweltering summer heat, and driving it could be an unpleasant task, but with Car window tinting Perth and our Sun control film you can be rest assured that the interior of your car will be comfortable.

Car window tinting Perth is the leader in the industry and our installations come with warranties and reliable after sales service. Car window tinting Perth has served the Perth community for many years now.

Safety ensured liability covered

Jumping castle hire Melbourne ensures that all Australian Safety Standards governing the hire, delivery and use of the jumping castle hire that leave our premises is strictly complied.

We leave no stone left unturned and do not compromise on safety and our staff is advised to follow the set guidelines at all times, for the safety of everyone concerned.

The jumping castle hire that we set up at your premises, which are invariably used by children are all covered by an A$ 10 million liability insurance policy, from a leading insurer.

We also strictly ensure that the bouncy castle hire Melbourne that we deliver and set up at your premises or wherever you would want it, is at all times under the supervision of our responsible staff.

The blower that needs to be continuously operated to provide the air that is needed to keep the jumping castle hire Melbourne upright and usable needs a standard electrical supply, which has to be provided by our customer at a safe distance away from the site where the bouncy castle hire Melbourne is set up to avoid any danger to children and others around.



Fencing for the discerning

It was wooden stakes and barbed wire that were used by early settlers in Australia, to construct fences and demarcate the boundaries to their respective properties. Today in modern day Australia especially in the suburban townships fencing has taken a new dimension, not only providing security it enhances privacy and style.

Homes are built in smaller extents due to the steep increase in property values, and property owners are required to installfences to protect themselves and avoid unnecessary intrusions to their privacy. Most of the new settlements are pre-surveyed and boundary disputes between neighbours are rare, but decayed or broken fences have to be repaired or replaced.

If your fencing needs replacement the choices before you are numerous. Your fencing in most instances would be common to your neighbours hence it would be imperative for you to discuss replacement of your fencing with them too. The cost would be borne by both owners on either side of the fences.

Calling reputed, reliable and experienced fencing contractors would be your prerogative, and with the input that they could extend to you, it would be an easier task to select the best fencing. Your compound may need a specific type of fencing to provide you adequate security and privacy, your fencing contractor can advise you on this.

From colorbond fencing to timber fencing you have a very wide choice and selection of the most appropriate for your use is probably going to take a considerable of your time. Colorbond fencing is an Australian product developed in the mid 1960’s, and carries a ten year warranty. Colorbind fencing is available in 14 colours and is strong, rust and fire proof.

Timber fencingprovides a more natural look and is available in many attractive designs, and are convenient to install. They are mostly prefabricated, and could be fixed at your premises with ease.

Screen fencing is generally used to screen something in your compound that you would like to be kept discreetly away. A work shed, clothes drying area or similar areas can be covered with screen fencing.

Pool fencing is compulsory if you have a swimming pool in your backyard and you have kids around. Pool fencing could be of any material but with glass pool fencing you would add a little bit of style. With glass pool fencing you will have complete visibility of the pool.  


Benefit of using Permeable paving

We invest a substantial amount of our life earnings to buy or build a home for us and our loved ones. We may live anywhere in the world but our home would reflect our lifestyle and quantum of earnings, because what we spend on our homes could be quantified by anyone. Homes and real estate have values and we all know this.

In Australia most of us who live in the cosmopolitan cities would have bought our homes which would already have been built, by someone else. We would make improvements and renovations to make it more comfortable to our way of living. We would want everything to be perfect and the home to be just the right place we would always cherish.

Before moving into a home we would like everything to be perfect as possible. The Driveways to be perfect and if it is not we could employ Jim’s paving for Driveway resurfacing. If there are budgetary restrictions and a Driveway repair would suffice that too could be done as a preference. If we would like we could even have Asphalt resurfacing for a better quality finish.

Paving areas within your compound with stone or blocks would enhance the value of the home and also beautify it. Areas where there are damages on surfaces could use Concrete resurfacing, and could additionally use the newest methods of Spray on concrete with some of the best Coatings that are available.

Our designers at Jim’s paving could transform your garden to be special in your neighbourhood by extending imaginative Landscaping ideas. With the attractive colours we have Spray paving some areas where danger due to slippery floors could occur would be a excellent idea.

These slippery areas can be kept dry by using Permeable paving available in many different types of materials and methods. The Permeable surface would drain away whatever liquids that would drip on it.

With a very wide portfolio and with our present franchisees unable to service all requests Jim’s Paving is in the process of joining hands with new members to their 3400 strong franchise team. If selected to Buy Paving franchise you would join this elite club of dedicated franchisees.

When you Buy Paving business you would serve a very large base of loyal customers who would be your best referrals, for further business. Hence a Paving Franchise from Jim’s Paving will be your road to a very successful business venture which has already a reputation incomparable.